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“Coach is someone who tells you what you do not want to hear , he sees what you do not want to see – so you had someone who always wanted to be . ” Tom Landry

On-line course Merits of coaching in practice with a certificate in Polish and English for 49 PLN instead of 299 PLN discount 84% saving of 250 PLN promotional price 49 PLN

Get training: or 71 173 7000.

e-course Merits of coaching in practice consists of 40 clock hours, making up 8 training units – lessons, each lesson is 10 training sessions lasting 30 minutes. Access to e-learning platform is valid for 2 months since the release of the e-course.

e-course form the essential content, interactive exercises, tests, quizzes, puzzles, etc. to develop knowledge, awareness, skills and competences needed in the labor market. Used in e-course e-learning tools to develop and affect the synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain, which in turn increases creativity and then learning becomes much easier, more fun, more effective and durable. Also improves concentration and memory.

E-course is directed at people who:

  • they are interested in starting a practice as coach
  • they are already working in the profession and would like to confirm certified their knowledge, skills and competencies
  • working in HR and PR
  • would like to retrain or to expand the scope of their competence
  • they are employed in managerial positions, managerial leadership, who want to improve their coaching skills
  • business owners who want to achieve planned business objectives and personal, make changes, increase efficiency and creativity, motivate and develop competencies employed people
  • they use in their work tools for personal development: guidance counselors, facilitators, trainers, psychologists, personal trainers, health professionals, dieticians, social workers,
  • for students of psychology, pedagogy, economics, etc.
  • all other people interested in improving their personal development

THE TRAINING PROGRAM: “Merits of coaching in practice” – 40 hours of course

Lesson 1. The characteristic of the coaching profession

1.Description of the coaching profession.
2.TEST – whether you have a predisposition to do the coaching profession?
3.Characteristics and competencies perfect coach
4.The key competence of the coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF )
5.Values, Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Coaching by the International Coaching Community Poland
6.Requirements formal and informal
7.The place and conditions of work and remuneration
8.The amount of remuneration
9.The possibilities and forms of employment
10.Career paths of development coach
11.Self-improvement , trainings , courses , schools, masters , postgraduate, certificates

Lesson 2. Professional Coaching Service

1.What is coaching ?
2.Coach – client relationship – a partnership model of coaching
3.Coaching and other disciplines – advising, mentoring , consulting , therapy, training , teaching
4.Stages of professional coaching services
5.Coaching agreement – parties to the agreement , the form of the contract, the place of supply of services
6.Types of coaching : Life Coaching , Business Coaching , Career Coaching, Financial Coaching, Sport Coaching,
Health Coaching, VIP Coaching
7.Internal and external coaching
8.Operating Coaching
9.Holistic Coaching
10.Health Coaching

Lesson 3. Exploring the possibilities , potentials, resources , talents , skills

1. Discovering your own skills , abilities and talents – self-diagnosis
2. Model to achieve their potential
3. Characteristics of persons conscious of their potential
4. Perceptual filters and how to deal with them ?
5. Quantum energy blockages own potential and how to remove them ?
6. What gives us adequate self-esteem in your life? And how to create it ?
7. Strategies for building self-esteem and achievement of objectives
8. Expression of appreciation and gratitude and a sense of accomplishment
9. Determination of values and live according to them
10.The belief in their own abilities and possibilities basis of performance objectives

Lesson 4. Self and beliefs about the surrounding reality – the diagnosis and change

1.Helpful and limiting beliefs in achieving the objectives under the presupposition
2.Money Clinic Diagnosis – changing beliefs about wealth, money and prosperity
3.Materialisation of desirable things , people , event horizon
4.Elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP
5.Map dreams – exercise
6.Construction brain space-time, holographic conception of the universe and the imagination in objectives
7.Patterns of eye movements
8.What is my dominant system of perception of reality ? Introversion , extroversion , thinking, feeling , experience
or intuition ?
9.The role of the unconscious in achieving the objectives
10.Emotions , electrons , waves, torus in fulfillment of DNA – the quantum potential of human self

Lesson 5. Skills coaching

1.Building customer trust
2.A careful and conscious listening
3.Observation and perceptiveness
4.The ability to ask questions and curiosity
5.Giving constructive feedback – feedback to the customer
6.Eliminating prejudices and stereotypes customer
8.Emotional stability
9.Focus on process coaching
10.Drawing tasks

Lesson 6. Models coaching talks

1.Interview coaching
2.Types of coaching conversations
3.The recipe for effective coaching conversations
4.5 principles of Erickson coaching
5.Funnel coaching
6.GROW Model
7.Coach Model
8.DROPS Model
9.GOLD Model
10.STAGES Model

Lesson 7. Coaching tools

1.The circle of life
2.The method of determining objectives – SMARTER ( Specific, Measurable , Ambitious , Realistic , Timely , Exciting,
3.Method Walt Disney
4.The mirrors method
5.Start with a vision end & plan end
6.Anchor conditions and resources
7.Questions discovering the horizon of possibilities available
8.Changing perspectives
9.Association and dissociation
10.The model of logic levels of Dilts

Lesson 8. Learning for life

1.Man learns through life – knowledge is contained in letter
2.Learning model Kolb
3.Unconscious incompetence , conscious incompetence , conscious competence , unconscious competence
4.Style and cycles of learning about yourself – What is my style ? Empiricist , analyst, theorist , pragmatist –
5.Learning from mistakes and failures does transforming them into SUCCESS
6.Psychology of positive thinking in learning
7.Adult learning
8.Barriers to adult learning
9.Motivation to make learning about themselves,development and growth
10.Techniques for effective learning at any age

For each lesson e-course customer with a test  confirming the knowledge, skills and competencies during e-course. After the dissolution of the electronic test, each participant receives feedback on the outcome of its panel, the user’s e-learning platform .

For the e-learning platform , every customer can log into one of three selected by himself languages: English, Polish or Russian.

After completing the e-course, each participant receives a certificate confirming its completion on paper with the program of the course and the amount of the number of hours in Polish and English with a surprise training .

The results and pace of learning during the e-course depend entirely on you and your current time possibilities .

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