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Wroclaw, 01/02/2016

Discover your quantum self with GROUPON …

Training and consulting firm Human Advice based in Wroclaw, Poland introduced to the international market of e-lerningowych training Merits coaching in practice with a certificate in Polish and English at a promotional price for the most popular website in Poland GROUPON.PL purchasing platform based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

eKurs is available in the promotional offer only the end of February 2016. Since March the company introduced an improved version of the premium e-course, which will include additional modules induce a state of alpha waves in the brain that helps in faster learning.

Later this year, the company plans to launch the device 3 D to support the educational process by learning in a direct and immediate communication with individual collective subconscious, making training offered the most modern and most innovative training on the world market.
Used in a promotional version of the e-course e-learning tools to develop and affect the synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain, which in turn increases creativity and then learning becomes much easier, more fun, more effective and durable. Also improves concentration and memory.

The course also includes the use of discoveries in the field of quantum physics in personal and professional development.
e-course form the substantive content, interactive exercises, tests, quizzes, puzzles designed to develop knowledge, awareness, skills and competences needed in the labor market.

e-course form the substantive content, interactive exercises, tests, quizzes, puzzles designed to develop knowledge, awareness, skills and competences needed in the labor market.

In exchange, among others, Characteristics of the coaching profession, professional coaching service, Exploring the possibilities, potentials, resources, talents, skills, self-esteem and beliefs about the surrounding reality – the diagnosis and change, coaching skills, coaching conversations models, coaching tools, learning throughout life.

e-course Merits coaching practice consists of 40 clock hours, making up 8 training units – lessons, each lesson is 10 training sessions lasting 30 minutes. Access to e-learning platform is valid for 2 months from activation e-course.

Demo version is available on the YOU TUBE at:

Training is available at a promotional price for one of the biggest, most famous and popular in Poland platforms for online shopping – GROUPON – at

For each lesson e-course customer with a test -egzamin confirming the knowledge, skills and competencies during e-course. After the dissolution of the electronic test, each participant receives feedback on the outcome of its panel, the user’s e-learning platform.

E-course is aimed at people who:
• are interested in starting a practice as coach
• already working in the profession and would like to confirm certified their knowledge, skills and competencies
• working in HR and PR
• wishing to retrain or to expand the scope of their competence
• are employed in managerial positions, managerial leadership, who want to improve their coaching skills
• owners of small, medium and large companies who want to achieve planned business objectives and personal, make changes, increase efficiency and creativity, motivate and develop competencies employed people
• they use in their work tools for personal development: guidance counselors, facilitators, trainers, psychologists, personal trainers, health professionals, dieticians, social workers,
• to students of psychological, educational, economic, etc.
• all other people interested in improving their personal development

For the e-learning platform, every customer can log into one of three selected by myself Languages: English, Polish or Russian. After completing the e-course, each participant receives a certificate confirming its completion on paper with the program of the course and the amount of the number of hours after Polish and English, along with a surprise training.

Human Advice – training and consulting company based in Wroclaw is a member and partner of e-Jobs Observatory platform, e-Skills & e-Competences. The company has received international mark of excellence – The Label of Excellence, which is distinguished by training organizations offering services aimed at the development and improvement of vocational training and meeting the requirements of the European market in ICT. The company has also certified Friendly Company InternAtom a high standard of communication with customers and adapt the offer to the needs of the Internet users, and is entered in the register of training institutions provincial labor office.

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