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Human Advice – training and consulting company based in Wroclaw, which is a member and partner platform Observatory e- Jobs, e-Skills & e-Competences. The company has received international mark of excellence – The Label of Excellence, which is distinguished by training organizations offering services aimed at the development and improvement of vocational training and corresponding to the requirements of the European market in the field of ICT. The granting of international quality mark Label of Excellence is a confirmation that the training offered corresponds to the current needs of the international market with particular emphasis on the so-called. “Soft skills” (social skills) are an integral part of each module or a training program. Human Advice has also certified Friendly Company InternAtom a high standard of communication with customers and offer to fit the needs of the Internet users.  


We invite banks, financial institutions , IT companies , 
companies with e-commerce , schools, offices .

The title of the e-course:

The merits of coaching in practice for companies

Description e-course

The entire course modules form a 4, 8 lessons and 90 training sessions (40 clock hours), and include:

– Educational content

– 8 movies incentive

– 4 elements of relaxation

– 8 visualization – elements of very alpha state in the brain supporting the absorption and processing of information

– 8 movies with affirmations supporting learning and development of the internal

– The music of Vivaldi, Bach and Chopin

– Affirmations reads Tomasz Kapnik – known, prestigious, Polish voice of a lecturer

– Gymnastics of the brain

The whole course is approx. 642 screens.

Each lesson includes a video to increase faith and self-confidence, self-motivation to action and positive energy.

Plan e-Course

Module 1 – Introduction to the coaching profession

Lesson 1.Charakterystyka coaching profession

Lesson 2. Professional service coaching

2. Module – discovering and changing yourself

Lesson 1. Exploring the possibilities, the potential, the resources, talents, skills

Lekcja.2. Self-esteem and beliefs about the surrounding reality – diagnosis and change

3. Module – learning coaching skills

Lesson 1. Skills Coaching

Lesson 2. Models coaching conversations

4. Module – creating a coaching attitude

Lesson. 1. Coaching Tools

Lesson. 2. Learning for life

Business Benefits

  • increase the efficiency of teams
  • improve the management of the company
  • improving the organizational culture
  • improvement in the atmosphere at
  • effective time management
  • business goals
  • better planning of work and achieving results
  • less conflict
  • less stress

Benefits for the participant / employee

  • increased self-confidence
  • increased self-esteem and motivation
  • improvement of interpersonal relationships
  • development of communication skills
  • increase personal effectiveness
  • balance between personal life and professional
  • increase creativity
  • increase self-awareness of their strengths and areas for development


The course is available in Standard SCORM (ang. Sharable Content Object Reference Model) standard computer down rules for the organization of educational content in electronic form. Record e-learning course in this standard provides:

  • availability, thanks to the possibility of placing the course in any system for remote education that supports SCORM standard and deliver it to learners / employees
  • reuse components of the course (ie. learners units stored as SCO) in different contexts training (by placing in a variety of e-learning courses)
  • portability between systems to remote learning different manufacturers,
  • durability, due to its simplicity and low cost of revising and additions.

A detailed program of the e-course:

Module 1 – Introduction to the coaching profession

Lesson 1.Charakterystyka coaching profession

Session 1. Description of the coaching profession

Session 2. TEST -whether you have a predisposition to practice as a coach?

Session 3. Characteristics and competencies excellent coach

Session 4. Key competences coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Session 5. The values, standards and code of professional ethics by coach Poland International Coaching Community (ICC)

Session 6. Requirements formal and informal

Session 7. Place and conditions of work and pay

Session 8. Remuneration

Session 9. Possibilities and forms of employment

Session 10. Developing career coach

Session 11. The first forum, training, courses, schools, master’s degree, postgraduate studies, certificates

Lesson 2. Professional service coaching

Session 1. What is coaching?

Session 2. Relationship coach-client – peer coaching model

Session 3. Coaching and other disciplines -doradztwo development, mentoring, consulting, therapy, training, teaching

Session 4. Stages of professional coaching services

Session 5. The agreement coaching – the parties, the form of contract, the place of supply of services

Session 6. Types of coaching: Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Financial Coaching, Sport Coaching, Health Coaching, VIP Coaching

Session 7. Coaching internal and external

Session 8. Coaching operating

Session 9. Coaching holistic

10. Medical Coaching Session

Module 2 discovering and changing yourself

  Lesson 1. Exploring the possibilities, the potential, the resources, talents, skills

Session 1. Discovering your own skills, abilities and talents – self-diagnosis

Session 2. Model to achieve their potential

Session 3. Characteristics of persons conscious of their potential

Session 4. perceptual filters and how to deal with them?

Session 5. Quantum energy blockages own potential and how to remove them?

Session 6. What gives us adequate self-esteem in your life? I like to create it?

Session 7. Strategies for building self-esteem and achievement of objectives

Session 8. Expression of appreciation and gratitude and a sense of accomplishment

Session 9. Determination of values and live according to them

Session 10. faith in their own strength and capabilities of the base performance goals

Lekcja.2. Self-esteem and beliefs about the surrounding reality – diagnosis and change

Session 1. Helpful and limiting beliefs in achieving the objectives under the presupposition

Session 2. Money Clinic Diagnosis – change beliefs about wealth, money and prosperity

Session 3. Materialization desirable things, people, event horizon

Session 4. Elements of Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP

Session 5. Map dreams – exercise

Session 6. Construction of the brain, space, holographic conception of the universe and the imagination and the objectives

Session 7. patterns of eye movements

Session 8. What is my dominant system of perception of reality? Introversion, extroversion, thinking, feeling, experience or intuition?

Session 9. The role of the unconscious in achieving the objectives

Session 10. Emotions, electrons, waves, torus in self DNA – the quantum potential of human JA

3. Module – learning coaching skills

  Lesson 1. Skills Coaching

Session 1. Building customer confidence

Session 2. A careful and conscious listening

Session 3. Observation and perceptiveness

Session 4. The ability to ask questions and curiosity

Session 5. Giving constructive feedback – customer feedback

Session 6. The elimination of prejudice and stereotypes customer

Session 7. Support

Session 8. Emotional stability

Session 9. orientation process

Session 10. Sketch tasks

Lesson 2. Models coaching conversations

Session 1. Interview Coaching

Session 2. Types of coaching conversations

Session 3. The provision of effective coaching conversations

Session 4. 5 principles of coaching Erickson

Session 5. Funnel coaching

Session 6. Model GROW

Session 7. Model Coach

Session 8. The model DROPS

Session 9. Model GOLD

Session 10. Model STAGES

4. Module – creating a coaching attitude       

Lesson. 1. Coaching Tools

Session 1. The wheel of life

Session 2. The method of determining goals – SMARTER (specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic, timely, exciting, written out)

Session 3. The method of Walt Disney

Session 4. Method mirror

Session 5. Start with the vision and plan the end of the end

Session 6. Anchoring states and resources

Session 7. Questions discovering the horizon of opportunities available

Session 8. Change perspective

Session 9. The association and dissociation

Session 10. Model logic levels Dilts

Lesson. 2. Learning for life

Session 1. Man learns throughout life – knowledge is contained in the letter

Session 2. Model learning Kolb

Session 3. Unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, unconscious competence

Session 4. Style and cycles of learning – what is my style? Empiricist, analyst, theorist, pragmatist – self-diagnosis

Session 5. Learning from mistakes and failures and transform them into success

Session 6. The psychology of positive thinking in learning

Session 7. Adult Learning

Session 8. Barriers in adult learning

Session 9. The motivation for learning, development and growth

Session 10. Techniques for effective learning at any age


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