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expertsWe do this through intelligent organization of recruitment, training and advice in response to current and future needs of customers. In takingaction, believe in the values: professionalism, esteem, punctuality, development, high quality and creativity.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, regardless of whether it is 20 or 80 years. Who continue their education remains young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. “Henry Ford


Classroom training for companies at the Customer

These are one-day or two-day training on techniques to increase sales of products or services to the customer. Held stationary at a location selected by the customer such as in the office or department (eg sales or negotiation in the sales department – immediately after the presentation of the description of exercise techniques and the use of sales techniques and negotiation in conversation with customers or potential customers the company) or location chosen by the customer.

Product training on the job

We also offer product training, on the job, are directly related to the products and / or services to the Customer, for which they work, and during training the sellers implement  the techniques and knowledge in conversations with clients or potential clients of the company.

Classroom training for companies based outside of the Customer

Organize training in training rooms Europrofes in Market Square Idea Place Salt, Patio ul. Kiełbaśnicza in Wroclaw or in other places in Poland: in hotels, castles, strongholds, or other objects that have an interesting story, and we see them or keep them interesting people, which is worth exploring such as the Mazurek hotel , which is owned by Polish opera singer Gregory Caban – tenor . In such places there are swimming pools, sauna, jacuzzi, spa salons, or direct contact with nature.

Training in English

We organize training courses in English with the range selected by the customer after an earlier diagnosis of needs conducted in Polish and English.

On-line training

There is a possibility the Customer Service organization, on-line real-time platform


Our team  consists of experienced consultants and trainers who are passionate about engaging in their work and love to do what they do. Regular customers particularly value the professionalism, efficiency and focus on cooperation. The training lead trainers with relevant experience and professional education. Approaching the training programs in accordance with the principle of “a human being and for the people”, with a sense of humor, and creating a pleasant atmosphere during the training conducive to rapid learning.

The training programs

The training programs are designed according to the method of modular designed to develop awareness, knowledge, skills, behavior modeling.


If you are interested in training proposal, please call: 00 48 71 700 01 73 or send e – mail: to obtain information and tender preparation courses tailored to your individual needs.


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