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tari 03/02/15 23:50

“Sometimes in life we decide on a step, because we feel that something is missing, that something should be done, although we do not know very well, whether it be the right move. At the urging of friends I decided to take the training offered by Human Advice. This was to be a meeting of the individual, which, despite earlier doubts proved to be a hit. The meeting was professionally prepared and routed, there were also nice touches and surprises. Already during the training revealed previously hidden my needs, which resulted in a change to this meeting. He amazed me perceptiveness leading flexibility with which gave a new direction to our work and ability to adapt to customer needs suddenly disclosed. Needs that meet guaranteed the completion of the training. The meeting was positively shocked me and spurred to action. I heartily recommend individual training at Human Advice. ”

Dorothy Szczygłowska 02/01/15 17:37

I would recommend, I had the opportunity to participate in training by Magda Komárnická and it was certainly well and usefully spent.

J. Kemp 01/26/15 22:25

Very highly recommended individual on-line training of time management! :)


Ewelina Hanus 01/25/15 21:42

I would recommend very sincerely cooperate with training and consulting company Human Advice from Wroclaw. Ewelina Hanus – Director PROACTIVE Support Centre Active Enterprise.


Urszula Kierot 24/01/15 20:57

I would recommend training at Human Advice. Professionalism, efficiency. Regards Urszula Kierot Company Mamut

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