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MAGDALENA Komarnicka

MA in law and psychology, specializing in management, a graduate of the University of Wroclaw, Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics and the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences in Wroclaw – parallel studies law and psychology. Psychologist / management specialization, lawyer, coach, counselor, coach, author. She specializes in training in law and psychology, management and labor. Coach training in business psychology, from the sales techniques, interpersonal communication, goal setting, assertiveness, creative problem solving, negotiation techniques, managerial skills development for small, medium and large companies. Coach training in labor law, legal aspects of starting and running a business, hiring people with disabilities. Trainer approved by the National Agency for Enterprise Development in the project subsidized by the EU-ICE and the ESF of introduction of the principles of cooperation and communication in the team, communicating with employees as part of a condition for change, competency management system in the company. She taught at postgraduate dual fuel workers. As head of the Office of Academic Career Medical University and she implemented 7 task in the project  within the Human Capital financed from the EU in the framework of the ESF under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education organized a training on development of competencies / knowledge / skills required by the labor market ( psychological aspects, including personal development) for more than 300 people and about 120 individual consultations. In 2009, her biography has been placed in 8 release publishing encyclopedia of personality “WHO IS WHO?” in Poland, from 30 years of experience in the promotion of information about people with significant achievements in the field of scientific, artistic and life publicznym.www.whoiswho.com. The training runs on the principle pistons: concrete experience, observation and reflection, conclusions and generalizations, see if it works. Participated in the work of teams of Lower Silesia Business and Science . She is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Polish Association of Coaching and Development. She is currently writing a book entitled “How to start, to develop and sell a company in Poland?”



A graduate of the University of Wroclaw. MA in Psychology, specializing in management psychology. She worked in the Psychological Clinic – Education in Lubin. She did a psychological diagnosis, psychological counseling, and psychological tests. She participated in the project “Young Leader” Children and Youth Foundation of Lubin and conducted workshops on interpersonal communication, teamwork, assertiveness and coping of young leaders in the labor market, the organizer of the assessment center. She is an avid sailor. Sailing was present in her family for generations. Participated in training camps, sailing for the home club in JK Chalkos Lubiatowo Sławskie lake. She took part in a race around the world, starting the journey from the Galapagos Islands. http://www.mantra28.pl/krds/mczuba.html Her passion is (apart from the sails of course) cynology and horses.


A graduate of the University of Wroclaw, Master of Psychology (Clinical specialization, management, professional training), conducts training for companies in the field of communication, conflict resolution and burn zawodowego.For pharmaceutical industry conducts training .She is a member of the Polish Psychological Association and the Polish Society of Endocrinology, working with foundations and companies.She is in the process of writing a doctoral thesis at the Medical Academy in Wroclaw.


A graduate of the University of Silesia in Katowice, Cracow University of Economics, Institute of Mathematical Machines in Warsaw. Business Coach, auditor, manager, media educator. Owner of Coaching Studies and Research Managerial AXIOM, publicist four titles issued by Holding Publishing Forum. The occupation is primarily benchmarking, interpersonal communication, NLP, especially in the context of coaching, marketing, motivation, assertiveness. Performs research feedbacks in companies, including diagnosis of employee satisfaction, organizational culture, human resource audit. She implemented many projects including  interpersonal training, professional customer service, professional advice and more. Author of the book “Time for feedback for education” published in 2010. by Difin.



A graduate of the University of Wroclaw, Master of Psychology (she studied clinical psychology and psychology of management). In Poland, she was engaged in needs analysis and organization of trainings for managers as well as the negotiation and organization of international medical conferences. In the U.S., among other things, she worked as a customer service manager, recruiter, trainer, associate talent assistant and intepreter for public and governmental institutions in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the UK. She specializes in managerial competences, management styles, negotiation, managerial  problems solving and customer service. Since many years, Yashoda regularly visits India, where she broadens the knowledge of the ancient Indian medicine-Ayurveda and focuses on the inner development through meditation, music and chanting mantras. Her album „Longing for the Divine” released in 2010 is a collection of songs from India (Kirtan), presented in a World Fusion style. It was recorded in India, Poland and California and produced by Yashoda and her husband Emam. Yashoda is also featured on the latest album from Emam & Friends „Jai Ganesha”, which has been released in India by prestigous label Music Today. For music samplers visit: www.yashoda.us.


A graduate of the University of Wroclaw. Master of ethnology. She specializes in the techniques of effective negotiation and interpersonal communication, and intercultural differences.
She worked with the association negotiators in Warsaw. Workshops led negotiations School of Social Sciences in Wroclaw. Currently writing a master’s thesis in psychology at the University of Warsaw.


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