training & consulting


Collaborate with customers start by asking about the current or future needs training. Then, we make a diagnosis and analysis of training needs. Based about her construct the project, which includes the following elements:

  • establishing objectives to be achieved through training,
  • establish appropriate substantive content of the training program,
  • choice of adequate forms of training,
  • determine the methodology of teaching,
  • evaluation of training,
  • poszkoleniowy report for your company.

Considering the previous information we present customers with a calculation of the training projects in two versions to choose from. Then sign the contract implementation of the training project, we select trainers and prepare copyright training materials and coordinate the implementation of the project.


As for consulting services is working as the training services begin working with clients from inquiries about current or future needs Consulting. Then we analyze the diagnosis and advisory needs, which is the basis for the creation of an advisory project.

Normally consulting project consists of the following elements:

  • objective of the project advisory,
  • Item counseling,
  • appropriate methods
  • determine effects.

Zone advisory includes:

  • Develop an annual training plan
  • Assessment Center
  • Development Center
  • Employee interim evaluations
  • Diagnosis of training needs
  • Recruitment

Creating a project advisory and implementation is carried out in collaboration with the client, who has the ability to affect the service process and remains under the care of our consultant.


»Small, medium and large enterprises,

»State institutions,

»Local government units,

»Individual customers,

»Non-governmental organizations – associations, foundations, trade unions.

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